18th IFOAM Organiz World Congress
ICC, 13-15 October 2014, İstanbul
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Main Track
Scientific Track
Practitioners' Track





Main track will examine issues, both current and future, impacting on the global organic world.



The Main Tracks are two parallel sessions during the OWC breakout sessions, which are leading a discussion on the future direction of the global organic world. Each session has a short theme description and leading questions to guide discussion.

Please click on each session for more detailed information.


  Session Main track A:
Organic Vision Building
Common development of the future values, principles and positions for concerted action
Main track B:
Growing the Organic World
Development of common guidance for the decentralized building of the Organic future
13 October 2013 Monday 1 Opening Plenary Setting the Scene
2 Achievements Organic Visions and Trends
Sustainability of Organic Agriculture: achievements and shortcomings
(Fish bowl)
Local Sector Development
Developing national Organic sectors: the key lessons
(Panel discussion)
3 Issues 1 Food Security
Organic Agriculture can nourish the world: Eco-intensification and productivity development
(Fish bowl)
Organics Beyond Food
Textiles, body care products, amenity horticulture and energy production
(Panel discussion)
4 Issues 2 Social and Environmental Challenges
Climate change, loss of (bio)diversity, natural resource depletion, social marginalization etc: Our adaptation and mitigation contribution
(Fish bowl)
Market Advancement
Acceleration of developments for tomorrow's organic markets
(Panel discussion)
14 October 2013 Tuesday 5 Mid-Conference Plenary Outside views of great thinkers
6 Issues 3 Organic Agriculture for Development
Potentials and challenges for improving rural livelihoods
(Fish bowl)
Environments Conducive to Organic Expansion
Policies and joint activities
(Panel discussion)
7 Issues 4 Smallholders
The future of family farming amidst changing structures in the agricultural sector
(Panel discussion)
Re-thinking Organic Certification
Must Organic certification fundamentally change for an Organic world?
(Fish bowl)
8 Strategy Building 1 Institution Building
Organic Agriculture in the landscape of sustainability initiatives
(Panel discussion)
Regional Priorities
Regional strategy implementation, global collaboration
(Fish bowl)
15 October 2013 Wednesday 9 Strategy Building 2 Innovations
A call for innovations that change the (organic) world
(Fish bowl)
Making Organic Mean Sustainable
Bringing the Principles of Organic Agriculture fully into practice can make organic the mainstream approach to sustainability
(Panel discussion)
10 Action Plan to 2017 The Roadmap to Sustainability
The Organic World 2017 and 2020: What changes do we want to see at the next OWCs?
(Panel discussion)
Mainstreaming Organic Agriculture
The Organic Sector in 2017 and 2020, and how to get there
(Fish bowl)
11 Closing Plenary Conclusions

Application guidelines


The applicant panelists should provide: Name, Function, Organization, E-mail address, Short biography, Description of the ideas about the session and the answers to the leading questions in 1, max. 1.5 pages, ideally in 2500 characters, max. 5000 characters.

We will inform the panelists in time for the earliest registration possible. Panelists will be contacted in advance by the moderators who provide them with the detailed guidance.

Submissions must be made through Organic Eprints:

  1. Register at Organic Eprints.
  2. Select from the list "Submit a paper or a poster to a conference" as Eprint type and only the corresponding track "2014: 18th IFOAM OWC Main Track" as Research Affiliation and enter other required information.
  3. Deposit your application.

For more detailed instructions, please click here.

Important dates

  • Opening call: 15 March 2013
  • Application deadline: 30 September 2013
  • Notification of acceptance: 30 November 2013